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GENIE tunes

This section contains a summary description of GENIE tunes and comprehensive model configurations and provides links to tuning outputs (best-fit parameters, covariances) as well as detailed quantitative characterizations of tunes against an extensive collection of data.

Naming convention for model configurations and tunes
Starting from v3.0.0, with the deployment of multiple comprehensive configurations and tunes, and the addition of a `--tune' argument in several apps, GENIE adopted the following uniform naming convention for its model configurations and tunes:

A comprehensive model configuration is identified by a 7-character string in the form


  1. G is a capital letter that identifies the author of the tune. The default value is G (for the GENIE collaboration).
  2. dd is a number describing the year during which the model configuration was developed.
  3. MM is a number (00, 01, 02, ...) identifying a model configuration branch.
  4. v is a character (a, b, c, ...) enumerating variations / offshoots of a model configuration branch.
Once a comprehensive model configuration is defined, a number of different tunes may be produced. Each distinct choice of a) fit datasets and dataset weighting scheme, b) parameters of interest and nuisance parameters, and c) prior constraints, leads to a different tune. A tune is identified by the model configuration name, and additional information enumerating the parameters and datasets. This is a 14-character string in the form


  1. Gdd_MMv describes the model configuration (see above).
  2. PP is a number identifying the set of tuned parameters. This parameter set is defined uniquely only in the context of a particular model configuration. The number 00 indicates that a model configuration has not been tuned by GENIE.
  3. xxx is a number that identifies the dataset used for the model configuration tuning. This may include a unique set weights associated with each component dataset. The number 00 indicates that a model configuration has not been tuned by GENIE.

GENIE comprehensive model configurations
Configuration Brief description
G00_00a Historical Genie default configuration.
G00_00b Historical Genie default configuration, including empirical 2p/2h.
G16_01a Update of the historical default, including new interaction processes.
G16_01b As G16_01a, with the inclusion of empirical 2p/2h.
G16_01c As G16_01b, with updated hA Intranuke.
G16_01n As G16_01b, with latest full intranuclear cascade
G16_01s As G16_01a, with Spectral Function and TEM.
G16_02a Comprehensive configuration anchored to the latest theory developments.

GENIE tunes