genie is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham
Release naming conventions

Release versioning scheme
GENIE versions are numbered with 3 dot separated integers as i.j.k, where the integers i,j,k correspond to the major, minor and revision number respectively. The corresponding SVN tag for version i.j.k is R-i_j_k (for example, GENIE version 2.0.2 is tagged as R-2_0_2).

Release version number semantics
  • Versions with even minor number (eg 2.4.*) correspond to stable, fully validated physics/production releases.
  • Versions with odd minor number (eg 2.3.*, 2.5.*) correspond to public `beta'/ candidate releases.
  • Tagged versions always have an even revision number (eg 2.2.2 is a revision of the 2.2.0 physics / production release whereas 2.3.2, 2.3.4, 2.3.6,... are `candidate' releases for the 2.4.0 physics / production release).

Release codenames
The major production-quality releases are code-named after modern extinct or endangered species (series of production releases: Auk, Bear (polar), Cheetah, Dodo, Elk, Fox, Gazelle, Hippo, Ibex,... ).

Release qualifiers
The GENIE releases are marked as:
  • pro :
    Validated production-quality versions recommended for physics studies.
  • old :
    Older production versions that have been greatly superseeded by newer versions. Versions marked as `depreciated' become unsupported. The typical lifetime of `physics' versions is of the order of 18-24 months.
  • rc :
    Release candidates. Please use for testing new models and features, but avoid using for physics studies.
  • special :
    Special releases prepared for a particular study, or an event such as a GENIE tutorial or a summer school. Avoid using outside the intended context.