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GENIE Copyright Notices

GENIE is a suite of products (Generator, Comparisons, Tuning) for the experimental neutrino physics community. These products have different licenses.

GENIE / Generator
The Generator implements a modern software framework for neutrino Monte Carlo generators and state-of-the-art physics modules allowing the simulation of neutrino-nucleus interactions over a wide energy range for all neutrino species and nuclear targets. With a wealth of integrated tools such as flux drivers, detector geometry navigation drivers, generic event generation apps and specialised event generation apps for several experiments, the Generator supports neutrino interaction simulation for complex and realistic experimental setups.

Copyright © 2003-2018, The GENIE Collaboration

The Generator is distributed partially under the GNU General Public License (GPLv3).

Note: The authors of the GENIE Generator are convinced of the benefits of distributing the source code of this product for scientific use. This gives users considerable freedom and we expect you to use it wisely so that we can continue providing the source code. The GPLv3 license doesn't address issues specific to academic software and we include below an additional set of clauses that we require you to follow: MCNET guidelines for fair academic usage.

GENIE / Comparisons
The Comparisons include extensive curated archives of neutrino, charged-lepton and hadron-nucleus scattering data, as well as software to produce a comprehensive set of data/MC comparisons.

Copyright © 2003-2018, The GENIE Collaboration, All rights reserved

The Comparisons package is not distributed publicly, but the results of this package and comprehensive characterization of all GENIE tunes are made available to the community.
The package, in whole or in parts, can be made available to experiments under a special agreement.

GENIE / Tuning
The Tuning implements a neutrino generator tuning framework and includes applications implementing the GENIE tuning procedure.

Copyright © 2003-2018, The GENIE Collaboration, All rights reserved

The Tuning package is not distributed publicly, although selected results are made available to the community as GENIE tunes implemented in the Generator package.